Want to register as a supplier? - E.ON
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Want to register as a supplier?

Simple and full registration

We use the database provider Achilles Utilities NCE (previously Sellihca). There are two types of registration; simple and full. Information on what type of registration is necessary can be obtained from the relevant Purchaser. If your business with E.ON totals 5 million SEK or more, you need to complete a full registration, and this has an associated administrative fee which is paid to Achilles. If you want to participate in procurements that falls under LUF, you must complete a full registration regardless of the amount of the deal. With a full registration, companies within the Nordic energy market have access to your information.

The amount of the fee depends on how many product and service categories that you wish to register. Contract length determines how long you must be registered with Achilles. As long as there is a valid contract you must be registered with Achilles and renew your details and pay a new annual fee.

  • 1-5 categories: 4 500 SEK *
  • 6-15 categories: 5 700 SEK
  • 16-25 categories: 6 900 SEK
  • >25 categories: 9 200 SEK

*Minimum level of registration only for suppliers with a turnover below 1.1 million EUR.

Our requirements

On registering, you as the supplier meets certain E.ON specific requirements such as CS (Corporate Sustainability), ethics and morality, environmental and work environment requirements and confidentiality. You can read more about these in the menu on the left.

This page is last updated 9 March 2017