Become a supplier

Want to register as a supplier?

If you want to be a supplier to E.ON, start by registering in our supplier system Achilles Utilities NCE (previously Sellihca).

Corporate Sustainability

Our business affects many people and therefore it is important to conduct it in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Code of Ethics

Doing business in accordance with our Code of Ethics.


The environment is an important part of our business. We take a special responsibility for the environment and the climate.

Confidentiality Agreement

In our relationship with our suppliers a confidentiality agreement is usually signed.

Public procurement

E.ON electricity network is subject to the law on procurement in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors (LUF).

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Här hittar du motsvarande sida på svenska med information om hur man blir leverantör till E.ON samt vad som krävs av dig som leverantör.