In order to be handled and paid on time, it is important that all invoices sent to us are correct. As suppliers, you may send us us invoices through the PEPPOL network, as a PDF file via email or as paper invoices.


We use the PEPPOL network to receive electronic invoices (format PEPPOL BIS Billing3).

Contact your e-invoicing partner to check if you can send invoices via the PEPPOL network.

Please observe that if you send purchase order numbers with your invoices, they need to land in either of the two fields OrderReference or BuyerReference.

Our purchase order numbers lie within the following number ranges:

  • 4500000000–4599999999
  • 8600000000–8699999999

Follow the following steps to send your first invoice via the PEPPOL network

  • Send the first invoice through the PEPPOL network
  • Send an email to notifying them that you have sent the invoice
  • Our Accounts Payable checks that the invoice has been received and that all data is correct
  • We send you a confirmation that the invoice has been received and can be processed according to normal routines. If the invoice hasn’t been received or appears to be incorrect, we will trouble shoot.
  • When you have received our confirmation, you can continue sending invoices through the PEPPOL network.

Peppol ID

  • E.ON Energidistribution AB 0007:5560706060
  • E.ON Energilösningar AB 0007:5560145889
  • E.ON Fastigheter Sverige AB 0007:5560555970
  • E.ON Kundsupport Sverige AB 0007:5567444301
  • E.ON Mälarkraft AB 0007:5563951127
  • E.ON Nord Sverige AB 0007:5565370912
  • E.ON Nordic AB 0007:5564681574
  • E.ON Sverige AB 0007:5560068420
  • E.ON Energiinfrastruktur AB 0007:5561461814
  • Navirum Energi AB, Peppolid: 0007:5593835621
  • Täby Fjärrvärme AB 0007:5569890428

PDF Invoice

Send your invoice as a PDF to our email address, The following companies are exempted: 

It is important that each email only contains one invoice.

Paper Invoices

Our invoicing process is the same for all our companies except Solar Supply Sweden AB, AirSon Engineering AB, Coromatic AB and EMG Energimontage.

Post addresses for invoicing E.ON

(Name of E.ON company)
Serial number 803007
R 308
106 53 Stockholm

AirSon Engineering AB
Metallgatan 33
262 72 Ängelholm

Coromatic AB
Ranhammarsvägen 20 c
168 67, Bromma

EMG Energimontage
Sternövägen 75
374 33 Karlshamn

Solar Supply Sweden AB
Sternövägen 75
374 33 Karlshamn

Our companies

  • AirSon Engineering AB, 559193-9235,
  • Coromatic AB, 556578-6414,
  • E.ON Energidistribution AB, 556070-6060, Peppolid: 0007:5560706060
  • E.ON Energilösningar AB, 556014-5889, Peppolid: 0007:5560145889
  • E.ON Fastigheter Sverige AB, 556055-5970, Peppolid: 0007:5560555970
  • E.ON Kundsupport Sverige AB, 556744-4301, Peppolid: 0007:5567444301
  • E.ON Mälarkraft Värme AB, 556395-1127, Peppolid: 0007:5563951127
  • E.ON Nord Sverige AB, 556537-0912, Peppolid: 0007:5565370912
  • E.ON Nordic AB, 556468-1574, Peppolid: 0007:5564681574
  • E.ON Sverige AB, 556006-8420, Peppolid: 0007:5560068420
  • E.ON Energiinfrastruktur AB, 556146-1814, Peppolid: 0007:5561461814
  • EMG Energimontage, 556951-8144,
  • Navirum Energi AB, 559383-5621, Peppolid: 0007:5593835621
  • Solar Supply Sweden AB, 556872-7464,
  • Täby Fjärrvärme AB, 556989-0428, Peppolid: 0007:5569890428

E.ON companies classified as construction firms

In the event that you provide a construction service for any of the below E.ON construction firms, the invoice must contain: 

  • 0% VAT
  • Your valid VAT registration number
  • Our VAT registration number
  • The text:
    Reverse payment for the construction sector applies.

E.ON construction firms with associated VAT registration numbers

  • AirSon Engineering AB SE559193923501,
  • Coromatic AB SE556578641401,
  • E.ON Energidistribution AB, SE556070606001, Peppolid: 0007:5560706060
  • E.ON Energilösningar AB, SE556014588901, Peppolid: 0007:5560145889
  • E.ON Fastigheter Sverige AB, SE556055597001, Peppolid: 0007:5560555970
  • E.ON Mälarkraft Värme AB, SE556395112701, Peppolid: 0007:5563951127
  • E.ON Energiinfrastruktur AB, SE556146181401, Peppolid: 0007:556146181
  • EMG Energimontage, SE556951814401,
  • Navirum Energi AB, SE559383562101, Peppolid: 0007:5593835621
  • Solar Supply Sweden AB SE556872746401,