Information to contractors and suppliers to E.ON in Sweden and Denmark

Updated 01.06.2020

In order to protect our employees and to ensure that we can continue to conduct our socially critical business in a safe and secure manner, E.ON has introduced global guidelines for business travel, private travel and external visits.

We continuously monitor the development of the virus spread, follow recommendations from the authorities, conduct risk assessments and take preventive measures.

Entrepreneurs, consultants and other external partners who visit or work at E.ON's office have to relate to the information below. If an employee employed by a contractor, consultant or other external partner is affected by the following guidelines, contact the responsible / contact person at E.ON for a discussion on possible measures.

The most important thing for us is to safely maintain our socially important business.
Therefore, we have introduced the following measures:

  • E.ON follows the recommendation of the Public Health Agency in Sweden that everyone who has the opportunity, can and must work from home to help slow down the spread of the virus. However, our offices are open as usual so that the employees who want and need to work in the office can do so. 

  • E.ON follows the recommendations given by Swedish and Danish Foreign Ministry, which currently advise against travel to all countries.

  • In addition to travel bans, all employees are advised to avoid unnecessary travel within the country. Employees should discuss upcoming planned meetings involving travel with their manager to jointly assess whether the trip and meeting should be conducted, rescheduled, or digitally conducted.

  • No employees participate physically in external events and conferences. Participation takes place digitally instead.

  • We are currently very restrictive in receiving external visits. In premises where we conduct business-critical activities, there is a total ban on visitors.

  • Everyone is urged to pay extra attention to symptoms of illness, even mild ones, and stay home if feeling any symptoms. Regarding return to work after illness, we follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority.

  • The best way to protect yourself from infection is to maintain good hygiene. By washing your hands carefully and often you can avoid getting ill yourself and infecting others if you are already ill.

In this way, we hope to be able to help reduce the risks of further spread of the virus in society.

This applies if you are to visit us

  • Since we have decided to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority, many of our employees are currently working from home. Check whether the meeting can be conducted digitally instead.

  • Pay attention to early signs of respiratory symptoms, such as fever, cough or respiratory distress, even mild symptoms. If you have symptoms, do not come to our office and cancel any meeting, or check if the meeting can be conducted digitally.