1. Företag

E.ON works actively to provide fast establishment and optimal connectivity for your data center operations. Here you will find information about how to investigate the possibilities for your business.

Do you want a price indication?

This is the option for those who want a roughly estimated price for connecting the facility you have imagined. A price option per item is provided free of charge in the price indication. To investigate different options per item, we will present a quote for the work that the investigation requires. Our ambition is to return to you within 4-8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the case. Fill out the form below to get a price indication.

Do you want a quote?

If you have already decided and want a detailed price and conditions for your electricity connection, please contact us at storkundsinfo@eon.se. We will then make a quote for you to investigate the new connection. Our ambition is to return to you within 8 weeks.

Other questions?

Do not hesitate to contact storkundsinfo@eon.se if you have further questions, and are in need of other services and solutions.

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