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Sustainable data centres are built upon partnership

How do you build an energy-efficient data centre? Maximum uptime requires reliable power supply, efficient cooling requires a well-dimensioned heating and cooling system, and heat recovery requires access to local district heating. Does this sound familiar? We have been one of Sweden’s largest suppliers of energy for many years now. We have gathered both the knowledge and the infrastructure to build dependable data centres that put nature first.

Let us help you with something that we're good at, so you can focus on what you do best.

Our offer

We act as your partner all the way – from establishment to energy supply and optimisation of efficiency. With our long experience and specialist competence within the energy area, we can create a unique and complete solution for your needs.


Our specialists help you plan everything from building permits to design and subcontractors. Thanks to our infrastructure for electricity, heating and cooling, we can connect your data centre to existing grids. In many cases we own the land and can offer flexible business setups and opportunities for joint ventures.

Energy supply

We arrange an energy supply contract tailored for your situation, and secure an efficient and reliable supply of heating, cooling, electricity and backup power (if needed). The energy we supply is 100% renewable, and we re-use the heat produced by the servers.

Efficiency and optimisation

As soon as your data centre is up and running, we work together to ensure an efficient usage of electricity and to optimise the operation. We trim and take measures to lower your energy consumption, and to make your data centre more efficient. We can also offer digital visualisations.

Choosing E.ON

To build your own data centre is often a big decision. It puts high demands on everything from dependability to making sure that the investment pays off. At E.ON, we’re not just looking for a paying customer: we prioritise partnerships that benefit both parties. By using existing resources – from power supply to funding and environmental innovations – we identify mutual benefits that decrease risk and costs for both of us. This means it can be more profitable for you to build your own data centre than to use a co-location setup.

Choosing E.ON gives you access to:

  • Existing infrastructure As one of Sweden’s largest energy companies, we own both premises and infrastructure selected to optimise operation and decrease costs. We’re happy to share.

  • Specialist competence We’re experts at building redundant energy solutions for cooling, electricity and backup power. Let us analyse your needs and match them with our sites and energy solutions.

  • Joint ventures If we identify mutual benefits, we’re happy to share the investment with you. This means that some of the obstacles to building your own data centre are removed.

  • A future-proof solution We future-proof your data centre. It is built and dimensioned with scalability and operational reliability in focus. By integrating the latest environmental solutions, we ensure it is ready for the future.

Who are you?

Building a data centre with us is suitable when you want the flexibility to tailor your IT operations, your information security and everything else that concerns your server rooms to your needs.

We focus on data centres with sizes between 1 and 10 MW. That is suitable when you for example:

  • own an IT company
  • process large amounts of customer data
  • want to offer co-location and cloud services to your customers.
Office with green wall.

Sites under development

In Bällstaberg, north of Stockholm, we are transforming one of our sites to a top notch data centre. This is a joint venture with our client Online Group. Does it sound interesting? There is room for more companies in Bällstaberg!

Or maybe it is your company that will join us in creating the data centre of tomorrow in Malmö?

Get in touch and we’ll help you!


Move-in ready: Flexible site in central location

Our first client, Online Group, is just moving in. And there is room for more. Read more about Online Group’s thinking when they chose Bällstaberg and E.ON here.

More about the site:

28 kilometres north of central Stockholm, we are developing a property prepared for the establishment of data centres. It is complete with redundant power supply, cooling solutions, perimeter protection and two separate fibre optic connections. Here you have access to a small, mid-sized or large tailored data centre solution.


Perfect when you want to maximise energy efficiency

Just outside Sollefteå we are preparing a 50 hectare site, partly planned for industrial purposes. With its proximity to both the Faxälven river and a 187 MW water power plant, this is an optimal location for both cost-efficient cooling and access to renewable energy. The site provides a fibre optic connection and good opportunities to sell excess energy.

Things to consider when you choose location for your data centre:

  • Power supply
  • Cooling
  • Heat recovery
  • Fibre
  • Size of site
  • Time plan

Let’s talk about data centres

Are you interested and want to know more? Just give us your e-mail address and we’ll be in touch!

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Cutting edge sustainability

Did you know that data centres account for as much as 1,3 percent of the world’s total energy consumption? As the amount of stored data increases, the demand for energy-efficient and sustainable data centres also grows.

The challenge to increase access to the required energy without depleting the planet’s natural resources has always been a key issue for our industry. Our engineers are experts at identifying possibilities where others see problems. This has helped us create new innovations for heat recovery, smart cities and electricity quality. Our latest addition is the patented ectogrid™, which has the potential to make use of 70% of energy that otherwise goes to waste.

Where others see a data centre, we see a power plant. This means that your data centre is future-proof. With our cutting edge sustainability solutions, you will be less affected by both fluctuating energy prices and any future environmental regulations. You may even make money from doing what’s environmentally sound.

Stone in wood.

Get inspired by others

Interior server hall.

Online Group chose E.ON    

Extended capacity for cloud services, better control and increased possibilities to tailor solutions to their needs: those were three important factors for Online Group when choosing to build their data centre with us. Plus, of course, the sustainability dimension.


Per Rosén, portrait.

The energy revolution starts now

His driving force is the idea to waste less resources. By connecting buildings and balancing the energy between them, our own Per Rosén and ectogrid™ decrease the need of adding energy with 70%.