In Medicon Village – established by Mats Paulsson’s foundation for research, innovation, and community building – 2,600 people work at more than 170 life-science companies and organisations. One condition of the foundation is that all profits be reinvested in research. Therefore, the research park’s E.ON ectogrid™ and the energy savings it makes possible have a direct influence on the innovations created there.

Balanced and streamlined 

Medicon Village E.ON ectogrid™ connects 15 commercial properties and residential buildings with different heating and cooling needs, and it has drastically changed the research park’s energy consumption. Before E.ON ectogrid™ was installed, approximately 10 GWh of district heating and 4 GWh of district cooling were supplied. The long-term goal is to balance 11 GWh and for the system to only need 3 GWh supplied energy. We are well on our way there. 

Illustration showing comparison of supplied energy with and without E.ON ectogrid™

What we liked about E.ON ectogrid™ is the possibility to circulate, reuse and share energy between our buildings. Medicon Village tenants are devoted to research and innovation within the life sciences. It’s equally important for us, as it is for our tenants, that the climate footprint from all we do here is as small as possible. E.ON ectogrid™ is an energy solution that goes very well with what we want to be – a sustainable and inventive research park for science and innovation.

Erik Jagesten, CEO at Medicon Village Fastighets AB
Erik Jagesten, CEO at på Medicon Village

The role of E.ON ectogrid™ 

E.ON ectogrid™ solves an important problem. We believe that the future of energy solutions for sustainable cities are flexible, allowing us to use more intermittent renewable energy and transitioning away from the burning of fossil fuels.

The electrification of our world is an enormous trend that will simply continue to grow. Renewable energy from wind farms and solar panels is fast becoming cheaper and competing with old combustion power plants. And this is a good thing. The share of renewable energy will continue to grow, but in many parts of the world we also see that, for example, wind farms sometimes produce more energy than the electricity grid can utilise.

The future needs more flexibility 

In the future, we need energy consumers who can be more flexible, both through reducing and increasing their use. But energy consumers are generally not flexible – quite the opposite. Flexibility is one part of the solution. Higher efficiency is another. E.ON ectogrid™, with all its possibilities, is therefore an important step in the right direction.

How E.ON ectogrid™ works

See how the technology behind E.ON ectogrid™ works to balance energy and streamline consumption for all those connected.

E.ON ectocloud™: cloud-based smartness

With intelligent algorithms based on data and prognoses, E.ON ectocloud™ ensures that the system is as efficient as possible.