When you’re connected to an E.ON ectogrid™, you can balance your energy needs for heating and cooling with those of others. Through sharing energy, both parties reduce the total amount of new energy necessary in your neighbourhood, surrounding area, or town. E.ON ectogrid™ is a perfect solution for operations that generate significant excess energy, for example, data centres, industries, supermarkets, and hospitals.

What’s Good Neighbor™ energy?

Good Neighbor™ energy is what we call energy generated by an E.ON ectogrid™.  Through sharing energy, you can reduce both your and others’ costs and climate footprint, which – simply put – makes it easier to be a good neighbour. Good Neighbor™ energy is sustainable, cost-effective, and lets you be more flexible. You can also choose a level of commitment that best suits your operation.

Business models based on your needs

Good Neighbor™ - different business models

Buy your energy from an E.ON ectogrid™

Own your equipment in an E.ON ectogrid™

Become part-owner of an E.ON ectogrid™

E.ON ectogrid™ features flexible business models to suit your individual situation. You can choose a traditional business model wherein the energy company is responsible for the grid and services. If you own the solution for solar panels, battery charging or electric vehicles, you can get more involved in the solution. A major advantage of E.ON ectogrid™ is that every user in the system can chose their own level of commitment.

The technology behind E.ON ectogrid™

Learn how the E.ON ectogrid™ energy system works to balance energy and streamline consumption for all those connected.

E.ON ectocloud™: the brain of the system

See how E.ON ectocloud™ uses smart algorithms based on data and forecasts to make the energy system as efficient as possible.

Got excess energy to share? 

If you have a surplus of excess heating or cooling, why not start sharing energy with others and reducing costs? Get in touch and we’ll explain more about E.ON ectogrid™ and Good Neighbor™ energy.

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