• Why do you invest in local energy systems?
    Looking into the future, we believe people will be interested in getting together to solve their electricity needs with locally produced, preferably renewable, energy. This will happen on a larger scale in 10, 20 or perhaps 30 years. We see a business opportunity here, as we have a long and solid experience in constructing and operating facilities. But small micro grids have particular demands and partly different technology requirements. To be able to meet demand, we must learn to use the technology in the right way. We are one of the few companies that are able to do this.
  • Why has E.ON Energidistribution selected Simris?
    We choose areas in our electricity grids where we believe a local energy system can work, based on how the electricity grid is built today. We also consider which customer categories that live in the area and any potential local advantages, such as collaborations or already existing renewable production. We’ve taken particular interest in islands and coastal areas, as those are suitable from a wind perspective.
  • Who funds the Simris project?
    The project is supported by the EU innovation project Horizon2020 and their InterFlex programme. The project has cost approximately 35 million SEK, whereof E.ON has funded 50 percent.