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We are obsessed with the idea of supporting a better world with new energy and new opportunities. We want to invest in new innovations and companies that share this obsession with us.

Are you up and running and ready to grow? Let's make a change together!

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What we offer

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Long-term partnership

We want to be an important part of your successful journey. Together with E.ON business units you can set up your pilot to test and validate with real customers under real conditions. After the pilot we focus on finding collaborations; either as an investor, as a client or partner to you.

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As an :agile growth business, you’ll network extensively with internal and external E.ON partners. You’ll meet important contacts in the industry and associations and be able to present your idea to potential supporters and investors both within E.ON and beyond. As your business grows and develops, so will your network.

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Step one is that we fund a pilot so we can get to know each other better. After making a successful pilot we focus on the future. If we see a long-term growth potential we invest into your business. As an alternative we can become a client and purchase a first unit of your product. We can also partner up and start a collaboration. Either way we find the best way for us to get stronger as together.

The selection process

We love innovation and creativity. In the best of all worlds we would engage in every single business that works for a better environment with sustainable energy. But, we need to make a selection. 

If we find your application interesting, we will contact you for a meeting. We will there discuss everything from finances, how your team is built up, to which phase you are in and what your ambitions are. Together we find out the best type of collaboration for the both of us.

Why E.ON?

We are the world’s biggest privately owned energy concern. Currently we are 50 000 employees and we have over 35 million customers worldwide.

Energy is life and development. The human progress is linked to energy. It is our future. The energy market is changing and the demand for renewable energy sources is increasing. We are a part of this change.

The :agile story

The :agile project started off at our head office in Germany 2013 as an accelerator for startups. We invested in startups that developed smart products, services or business models, in order to solve the big and small environmental challenges in the world. By using our knowledge from the energy sector we helped bring new ideas to life. In 2016 we started :agile Nordic to foster innovation up north. In total, the :agile project has accelerated over 167 startups. 

E.ON :agile Accelerator now takes the next step into being :agile Growth, where we tailor programs and pilot tests specifically for each business. Now we focus on finding collaborations, either as an investor, as a client or partner to you.

In the case below we have asked some questions to the Sales Director of OurGreenCar. They have been a huge inspiration to us  in our journey going from E.ON :agile Accelerator to E.ON :agile Growth. 


OurGreenCar och tre män


OurGreenCar participated in our accelerator program in 2018. With our help, they were able to develop Sweden's greenest vehicle pool. We asked some questions to Kenneth Falk, one of the founders of OurGreenCar.

What did your collaboration with us include?

– In addition to a financial contribution and office space, ongoing business development assistance was also offered. We received training in everything from entrepreneurship in general to sales and how to market our service. Different lecturers weekly contributed with enough air to enable us to proceed with our business. We also got many contacts within E.ON, which was helpful as many of them had contacts in the branch of industry.

In what way has E.ON helped you?

– By accepting us in the accelerator, E.ON verified us as a trustworthy company. That helped us in our initial customer dialogues.
The absolute biggest factor for OurGreenCar was that E.ON invested and became a partner in our company after the accelerator program. This was something that not only gave us a financial start to be able to scale up, but also countless synergies in various projects and businesses.

Did you get any learnings when working with E.ON that you will bring into the future?

– Large companies can collaborate with small businesses and still have a fruitful journey together. Both can definitely learn from each other!

Why should companies apply to :agile Growth?

– E.ON was a game changer for us and it can also be to you! Their network, knowledge, dedication and money have helped us a lot.

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Lars Bierlein
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