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Accelerating energy innovation

Build your startup with :agile

We support startups that develop smart solutions for the future of energy and sustainability. Take your business to the next level with our 6-month accelerator program.

Got the answer to the world’s energy challenges?

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Entrepreneurs don’t often get the opportunity to have such an impact on the world. I’m excited!

Hampus Jakobsson, co-founder of The Astonishing Tribe and Brisk

What you get


We offer seed funding of €15,000 to cover your expenses. You´ll also receive a further €15,000 in funding against a share subscription right (Warrant) for E.ON.


Our network offers you a pathway to the market, with access to 35 million customers.


You’ll get support from energy experts, with valuable industry insights, to help you grow your business.


All :agile mentors have experience building successful startups and are there to guide you along the way.

Our startups

These are the companies currently part of :agile Nordic.
You can see all :agile startups here.


Sunmapper makes it easy for homeowners to assess their potential for solar power. Given your address, Sunmapper automatically calculates how much sunlight hits your rooftops.


Verve is an Energy supplier that connects customers with local energy producers. We make it possible for the customer to choose which producer they want to support by buying their energy.


FollowApp is a communication solution that makes it easy for companies to interact with their suppliers, partners and customers.


Ennocode builds an equity crowdfunding platform for solar rooftops. It is a marketplace for house owners and investors where a house owner can get crowdfunded money to install a solar rooftop.


Normative is the world's first software to automatically extract sustainability data directly from an organisations bookkeeping record.

Our friends

Here are our mentors and partners.

Hampus Jakobsson

Hampus is co-founder of The Astonishing Tribe and co-founder and CEO of Brisk.

“Entrepreneurs don’t often get the opportunity to have such an impact on the world. I’m excited!”

Emilia Blom

Emilia is a freelance UX designer and Senior Design Coach at :agile.

“It's always great to get the chance to work with early stage startups, where every design decision has the power to take you in a new direction!”

Carl Silbersky

Carl is CEO of Mionix, angel investor and former CEO of Polar Rose.

“It’s not about ideas, it’s about making energy innovation ideas happen, that makes me tick and want to be a part of it”

Your office space

You’ll be working at the creative hub Minc in Malmö, Sweden. Having access to this startup community and meeting other entrepreneurs will help you build your network and accelerate your business.

When to apply

Applications will open shortly.

April 3

Applications open

May 14

Applications close

August 21

Selected teams start

Apply now!

How it works


Hit the ‘Apply now’ button and fill out the form at fundacity.com. Then we’ll invite ten startups to present their business to E.ON executives, startup experts and VCs. Six teams will be accepted to the program.


If you’re accepted to the 6-month accelerator program you’ll receive seed funding of €15,000 to cover your expenses. You´ll also receive a further €15,000 in funding against a share subscription right (Warrant) for E.ON. The head coach, mentors and experts will support you and help refine your pitch to investors.

Demo day

On Demo day, you’ll have five minutes to present your company to top executives at E.ON, who will then decide whether to fund your startup.


If your startup is chosen, you’re offered an office space in our incubator and continuous support for 12 months.


The :agile accelerator program is powered by E.ON and has, since its start in Germany 2013, accelerated 44 startups. From IoT to smart boiler concepts. Meet some of the companies we work with in Germany. See all :agile startups here. With :agile Nordic we’re looking to find likeminded entrepreneurs, and together foster innovation up north.

We invest in startups that develop smart products, services or business models, in order to solve the big and small energy challenges of the world. By using our knowledge from the energy sector, we help bring new ideas to life.

Get in touch

Sara Hamlin

Operations lead :agile Nordic


Dan Gärdenfors

Coach and mentor :agile Nordic

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