At first glance, E.ON ectogrid™ already looks like a smart energy solution. But the most interesting part is how the system is controlled. The genius that makes everything perform optimally is the cloud-based software E.ON ectocloud™. 

How it works 

E.ON ectocloud™ is the digital platform that handles and controls the energy system E.ON ectogrid™. With the help of cloud computing, AI and IoT technology, E.ON ectocloud™ boosts performance over the entire grid. It’s a useful tool for grid operators and analysts, which helps streamline operations, optimise facilities, and make evaluations in real time. The service can also be used as a data-driven design tool for building new E.ON ectogrid™ systems.

Illustration of how E.ON ectocloud™ works

Optimises the entire E.ON ectogrid™

E.ON ectocloud™ integrates with and optimises components in an E.ON ectogrid™ in several different ways: changing temperature in the grid to improve the COP values of heat pumps and cooling machines, reducing peaks in energy consumption, maximising the degree of using self-generated renewable electricity and prioritising between energy sources.

The software uses data including weather, energy prices, local energy production and flexibility to make prognoses for energy use in advance – but the system can also adjust in real time when needed. We constantly update and develop the software with new functions to enable more ways to balance and optimise energy in a system.

How E.ON ectocloud™ works in E.ON ectogrid™
1. Control of building’s power consumption for heating and cooling | 2. Control of power consumption for heat pump/cooling machine | 3. Control of return temperature to the grid | 4. Start/stop and prioritisation of active balancing units (ex: geothermal energy, heat pump, cooling machine, district cooling, district heating)

Based on Microsoft’s secure Cloud platform

E.ON is a Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Azure Cloud is the clear choice of platform for E.ON ectocloud™. Thanks to the system’s unbeatable security, potential threats and problems are identified early on. Microsoft uses E.ON ectocloud™ to showcase the power of Azure in its showrooms around the world.

E.ON ectocloud™ functions

E.ON ectocloud™ is made to automate large sections of E.ON ectogrid™, but also to provide the tools for you to influence the system. We are constantly developing new features.

  • Intelligent control
    E.ON ectocloud™ is a control platform for all equipment, using machine learning algorithms to minimise costs and environmental impact.
  • Design energy solutions
    E.ON ectocloud™ helps you plan, dimension, and run simulations for new energy infrastructures.
  • Simple commissioning
    E.ON ectocloud™ has an intuitive interface that helps you commission the system, providing an overview of all its facilities.
  • Powerful analysis
    E.ON ectocloud™ provides the possibility to analyse the performance and status of your facilities, such as overall functions, pumps, and valves. The software also helps you visualise and explore data on how the entire E.ON ectogrid™ is performing.
  • Smart API
    With the help of APIs, you can easily integrate E.ON ectocloud™ with other platforms to benefit from their data.

The future of electrification 

The smart and timely use of electricity is increasingly more important when large sections of society become electrified. We have therefore developed the smart control of heat pumps and cooling machines to optimise customer electricity use. This saves money and helps relieve the electricity grid.

Illustration of the future of electrification
Illustration of Local Balancing with E.ON ectocloud™

Local Balancing

Do you have solar panels and batteries that store solar energy? E.ON ectocloud™ lets you control when the solar panels charge their batteries and when the stored electricity is used to power your heat pumps and other equipment. This makes you less dependent on electricity from the grid and lowers energy costs.

Case: Medicon Village

Read how E.ON ectogrid™ helps research park Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden, remain at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.

How E.ON ectogrid™ works

Discover more about the innovative technology behind the E.ON ectogrid™ energy system and how the grid works to provide both cooling and heat.